Monday, December 24, 2012

Video Contest Poster

FD Video Contest Poster- Please Distribute

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FD Video Contest Details- Please Distribute

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FD Press release- Please Distribute

Updated Logo


Someone (Ok, me) put 2012 on the superman logo! It has been fixed to read 2013. Thanks for the heads up Heidi. Please use the logo below in your Focus Day correspondance and email signature.


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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Donate to a Local Unit or Council in need!

Do you have a budget line item for Focus Day? Why not share some of it with a local unit or council in need? Too many of our members can't afford to make the trip to Olympia for Focus Day. Let's eliminate this common barrier by offering up a grant to promote attendance at FD. With those bus discounts and a grant in hand, perhaps some of our members who are under-represented at Focus Day can have their voices heard in Olympia this year! Ask your Council or Region Leg. Chair if they know of a unit in need. Tis' the Season after all...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Focus Day Flyers

Looking for something to post on your school bulletin board?  Share at a meeting?  Post to your website or Facebook page?  Try one of these flyers -- all are designed to print on 8.5" x 11" paper.
Just click, save and either print or paste into your newsletter:

Full Color:

Two Color:

Black and White:

Friday, December 14, 2012

Bus discounts available!

Great News!

Puget Sound Coach Lines, the bus company that both the Lake Washington and Bellevue PTSA Councils have used in years past for Focus Day charters has offered a substantial discount to local units and councils for charters to this year's Focus Day. I would ask our PTA Legislative Advocates to start trying to fill a bus for your members! Local units and Councils will have to make their own arrangements for busses and you are in no way obligated to use this company, they've just offered a great deal. 50+ seat busses are available for as low as $642 for up to five busses in certain areas. If they need to sub-rent busses outside of their regular service area, the fee will be greater, but still heavily discounted. (These busses without discounted pricing are usually around $1400 per day!) Remember to check your PTSAs insurance as you will probably need to get the bus company listed as additionally insured to rent a bus.

For additional details contact:

Vern Britton
Charter Operations Manager
Puget Sound Coach Lines
Phone: 253-939-5811
Fax: 253-939-5886

Or post your comments or questions here!

Capitol Info

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Focus Day is approaching, and we need you there.

Hello, all.  My name is David Berg, and I am co-Chair of the 2013 Focus Day.

Focus Day is rapidly approaching, and we need you there.  We'll be working with the RLCs to help get our message out to each and every local unit, and each and every member.  We've got a great team, but we can't do it without your help.

Make plans to join us in Olympia on January 24, 2013.  Please let your friends and neighbors know about Focus Day.  Do you see other parents at the bus stop, or while dropping off your kids in the morning, or picking them up in the afternoon?  Invite them to join you.   Do you have a PTA meeting this week?  Ask how your local unit plans to participate.

We'll be sharing information about Focus Day very regularly between now and the event.  Keep up with the latest updates on our new Focus Day blog,  You can also follow us on Twitter -- @FocusDay2013.  Be sure to check out the video we just posted, including an important message from Rep. Ross Hunter about the importance of this year's Focus Day.

Even if you can't be there in person, we're making plans to maximize virtual participation in this essential advocacy event.  We want EVERYONE to be able to participate in some way.  We are 140,000+ members strong.  This is the time to show it.

Have you attended a previous Focus Day?  We want you to come back.  Will this be your first Focus Day?  We'll have step by step guides available -- everything from how to get there and where to park to how to speak with your legislators.  Let nothing keep you from speaking for our children.

This legislative session is not going to be easy.  Everyone knows it.  It's time for our legislators to make the hard choices and finish what they started.  Join us in Olympia on January 24th and be a part of something great.

David Berg
Focus Day Co-Chair
I'm in the PTA.  What's your superpower?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

What is Focus Day? Why should you participate?

We've created a short video to answer these questions.  You can share it at your board meetings, general membership meetings, or anywhere else that you want to invite people to Focus Day.

The Washington State PTA is 140,000+ members strong.  We know that this legislative session is going to be filled with challenges for our lawmakers.  It's time for us to stand up and urge our representatives to make the hard choices, and to fully fund education.